Isaiah 40:3-5
Sermon Notes:

First we see that in getting ready for Christmas the word of God says we must become "Childlike". Not childish, but "Childlike".

Next we need to "Re-Discover the Blessing of Giving".  Luke 6:38 tells us that it's better to give than to receive. Yet I'm not so sure that we as a society truly believe this. Of all the list that will go out this year, how many do you think will be a list that has the heading of (Things I Wish to GIVE)?

Lastly; Isaiah tells us to get ready for Christmas; we need to (Turn On the Lights). No not the ones on the house, the Christian light that is within us. Jesus calls Himself the "Light of the World"; and also He says His children of the light of the world, therefore we need to turn on the lights to get ready for Christmas. In other-words we are to live differently than those in the world.   

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